GlassFish vs Payara Server - Comparison

What Makes Payara Server Better than GlassFish?

Payara Server is an open source, cloud-native middleware platform supporting reliable and secure deployments of Java EE (Jakarta EE) applications on premise, in the cloud or hybrid environments.

Use Payara Server 4 as a drop-in replacement for GlassFish 4 with a seamless migration process. Or migrate directly to Payara Server 5 from GlassFish 5 or Payara Server 4 to enjoy complete peace of mind with our monthly releases, bug fixes and a 10-year support lifecycle.

Payara Server is built and supported by a team of DevOps engineers dedicated to continued development and maintenance of the open source software, and committed to collaboration with the community to ensure Payara Server is the best option for production Java EE applications.

Wondering how to move from GlassFish to Payara Server? See the GlassFish to Payara Server Migration Guide.

Feature GlassFish 5.x Payara Server
License Open Source Open Source
Release frequency Irregular Quarterly for the Community, Monthly for Customers
Release Streams 1 Community 3 Community, Feature and Stability
Releases in 2017 2 22: 4 community stream, 12 stability stream, 6 feature stream
Patch releases For versions < 4.0. only
  • Monthly for support customers
  • Quarterly for community
Security fixes Infrequent
  • Instant emergency & backported fixes for support customers
  • As soon as possible for community
Production support
Migration & Project Support
Component Upgrades (e.g. Tyrus, Mojarra) Irregular Quarterly
Supported IDEs
  • Eclipse
  • Netbeans
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Eclipse
  • Netbeans
  • IntelliJ IDEA
Caching tools   JCache, Domain Data Grid, Payara Scales (additional cost)
Automatic Clustering via Hazelcast
Asadmin command recorder
Slow SQL logging
Healthcheck service
Request tracing
Monitoring logging
Microservices distribution Payara Micro
MicroProfile support   Compatible with MicroProfile 
Docker support Community provided Official images
IBM JDK release Payara Blue
HTTP & HTTPS port auto-binding


Generate Uber JAR (Payara Micro only)
Production-tuned domain template
Upgrade tool Coming Soon
Java EE certified
Jakarta EE certified   Coming Soon
JDK Support None Zulu Open JDK Support for customers

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