Payara Server 4 to Payara Server 5 Migration 

This guide will help you prepare and understand the main challenges you may face when migrating from Payara Server 4 to Payara Server 5 while providing details for what steps to take for a successful migration under a variety of circumstances.


Download the Guide and Learn What's Involved in the Migration Process:

  • Preparation for migrating
  • Backup and restore
  • Considerations for nodes and instances
  • Clustering considerations and options
  • Setting up Deployment Groups
  • Considerations for Cluster Instances and Standalone Instances
  • Mapping between JSON and Java objects
  • Migrating from JAX-B Mappings to JSON-B Mappings
  • Using the H2 database
  • HTTP/2 protocol support

Why should you migrate? 

The Main Advantages of Payara Server 5 Include:

  • Cloud and container friendly
  • Compatible with modern Java APIs
  • Reduce the dependency on legacy components and/or third-party libraries
  • Improve the general performance and quality of deployed applications
  • Provide top-level security and monitoring features