Monitoring Payara®Server in Production - User Guide

Once an application is running on Payara Server, it's important to know when
something is not working as expected, or if you're experiencing performance
issues. To find out what is going on and what could be improved, Payara Server
provides several monitoring options.

Recent versions of Payara Server can even provide support for automatic self-monitoring in order to detect future problems as soon as possible. When
enabled, the automatic checks are lightweight and run with a negligible impact
on performance. Automatic self-monitoring in Payara Server can detect slow
execution of SQL queries and periodically check low level metrics with the Health Check Service.

This guide will give you an overview of the most useful monitoring tools and features in Payara Server, including: 

  • Monitoring through the REST API
  • Monitoring through the JMX RMI Interface
  • Monitoring in the Administration Console
  • Monitoring from the System Shell Using asadmin
  • The Notification Service
  • The Request Tracing Service
  • The Health Check Service
  • Slow SQL Logger
  • Monitoring with Eclipse MicroProfile