Mastering Microservices with MicroProfile and Payara in the Cloud 

User Guide Created in Collaboration withxgeeks 

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Want to learn more about adopting a microservices architecture with Enterprise Java ?
Microservices is a software architecture, where the systems are a collection of several independent
services that are centered around a single business domain. Like any architectural decision, it has its advantages and disadvantages.
We've collaborated with software, engineering and data company xgeeks to tell you more about the technology!
Download our joint guide to find out what the most common errors and issues are using microservices. We also describe how it can work with Jakarta EE - largely through MicroProfile, the set of APIs designed to be used with Jakarta EE to provide functionality that augments its microservice capabilities. You can also find out how Payara Platform will help you develop supported, stable microservices architecture. 

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