c2b2 Consulting Ltd Has Transformed into Payara Accelerator

What Does the Future Hold?

Under this new brand we will be solely dedicated to providing innovative and comprehensive open source consultancy services to Payara Services, Ltd customers.

We have always prided ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation within our industry, with a strong belief in the positive impact of open source technology. This, coupled with our connections to the team at Payara® Services, has led us to the decision to stop consulting on Red Hat and Oracle products and dedicate ourselves to open source full time by joining the Payara family.

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What is Payara?

Payara Services is a dedicated team of professionals devoted to open source, Java, our customers, and the community. They are major contributors to the development and engineering effort of the Payara Platform Open Source Project, Jakarta EE, Eclipse Microprofile® and the Payara Foundation. Their global Support Engineers deliver 24/7 production, development and migration support directly to customers worldwide.

By refining our specialism to a single platform, we will be able provide a bespoke and innovative consultancy service that will be dedicated to boosting the performance of Payara Support customers’ production environments. But what is even more exciting, is that we will be able to focus more on cloud migration, microservices, open source migration and will be at the forefront of industry innovation - especially regarding progress with Jakarta EE and Eclipse Microprofile.